The Loast Coast: Developed for Pyweek 30

Besides the fact that my friends and I wanted to take up a challenge from the Python community and do something random, we've all had an innate interest in games and game development to an extent. PyWeek is a bi-annual game jam that promotes writing games for fun in Python, so when the opportunity came, it was hard to pass up. This game was made in a span of 4 days for PyWeek 30.

The Game

The Loast Coast is the name of the Discord server that we've created for our friends, and our aim was to kinda make a game celebrating (read: roasting) people from the server, while also abiding by the theme of the challenge, which was Castaway. Thus we created this game. The objective of this game is to escape the island to get to the (Loast) coast. The island is haunted by ghosts, and littered around are items that could make the game easier to finish.

The title screen

Libraries Used

We made this entire game using:

  • PyGame
  • PyTMX
  • Tiled Map Editor

The sprites we used were from the Kenney 1-bit Pack.