Once Upon A Time

The Princess sat in the little room on top of the tower, looking at the view outside, eagerly waiting for the Prince to come and save her. The Prince had told her he will come within a month's time and will take her from the wretched witch's dungeons and marry her and make her the queen of the land.

He had told her to wait for him, and that she did. For another year, she sat in the little room atop the tower, guarded by two giant henchmen who wielded axes larger than the size of a crocodile. The tower was high, very high, she could see all of the land from there. She could see the castle, the castle where the king and his prince lived. The prince that she was waiting for.

She waited until she couldn't stand the monotony anymore. She screamed but to no avail. Nobody was listening. The witch gave her stale food everyday, making sure she survived, but barely.

She'd had enough. Her beautiful face had now become wrinkled and weary from a year of no care and malnutrition. Her body had become flail, her inner strength was what was keeping her alive. She had decided it was time that she did something for herself. The waiting had to end. That night, she waited for the witch to come serve her. She kept her stance ready, the jagged edge of her broken jewelry ready in her hand. As the witch slowly opened the door and kept the food on the floor like she did everyday, the princess pounced on her and stabbed her as hard as she could. The witch's screams alerted the guards outside the door, who rushed in, their large axes at the ready. But as life ebbed away and the shine in the witch's eyes flicked and dimmed, the spell broke. The guards fell on the ground, unconscious. The witch's body glowed until it was a shade of bright red, and in a flash, disintegrated into flames. She burned until all that remained were ashes. In the ashes, though, was a shiny pendant. The princess found it peculiar but even so, picked it up and kept it in the folds of her gown.

The guards all over the dungeons had frozen in their spots, their eyes half closed. The princess walked out of the dungeons and made her way to the castle.

After one month of walking and stopping at small huts, looking for some shelter in the night, she found the large, royal castle which she had always looked at from the small window of the prison tower. One step at a time, she walked inside, smiling in anticipation to meet the prince at last, after years of waiting.

She ran in anticipation, not caring about her weary legs and the tiredness. Inside, the prince was settled on his throne, talking to his ministers. A beautiful woman sat right next to him, on an equally palatial throne. The prince saw the princess, and stopped whatever he was doing. He took his time remembering who she was, and suddenly it came back to him. He stood and walked to the princess who was standing there confused, looking at the woman sitting next to the prince, who now looked like he was king. It took her quite a while to understand what had happened. The prince hadn't tried to come rescue the princess and instead, married the daughter of the king of the neighboring land. The princess was forgotten by the prince and eventually even by the people as time passed by, until today.

The princess couldn't believe it. She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream. She wanted to tear him apart, the one she had counted on to save her. She was enraged, more than she had ever been in her life. No one cared of the hardships that she had faced. Everyone had moved on. She was forgotten, lost in the vast sands of time.

She walked out of the castle, leaving everyone behind. The prince wondered how she'd escaped from the dungeon, even survived for this long. She walked and walked without stopping until she reached the dungeons again. She went back to her prison tower and sat down, and cried at her loss. She wiped her tears and tried to think properly. The witch's ashes lay in front of her. Suddenly, she remembered the pendant she had found. She took it out of the folds in her dress and looked at it. It glowed a pale shade of red and felt warm in the hand. She put it on. Suddenly, she felt as if something was happening to her. She felt the transformation. A certain warmth engulfed her body. She felt power in her hands and feet. She felt her face aging, wrinkling and stretching. She knew what was happening to her.

And in that one moment, in the huge lands of kings and princes, in the lands of dungeons and dragons, a witch was born.