I've come down to that level of boredom and emptiness that I've decided to write about the same things again, which, ironically, is the lack of ideas.

I can very well say that this is not going be like those times when I write without having ideas, which let me tell you, is terrible.

Well, let me start off on a random tangent and see where that goes, since I don't know what I'll be writing anyhow.

I always say that the mind is a wonderful thing. This little brain of mine loves praising itself and all of its kind that exist in this world. There's a lot that the mind can do and handle at the same time. It can handle all bodily functions and still give me the time and energy to write all this. It can handle the most complex problems of the world and memorise thousands of faces.

As much as we think it might just be the most ideal, perfect thing God gave us, it is actually flawed in many places. They say perfection is a mirage, and I agree.

The mind is irrational; and not just at one place, it is irrational in thinking at more places in life than can be imagined. It stops working clearly when in the influence of infatuation or anger. It measures things on a relative mark, and not an absolute one. It makes many a judgement only based on the wrong word of mouth or unfortunate experience. It's wrong at predictable places.

But then, who says perfection is a game anyone can play? The mind is not perfect, but it's all that we have. We think with it. We think about it sometimes, like I am doing right now. It's all based on what you judge the mind on, that makes it perfect or imperfect. Perspective is one thing which can change a lot about everything. We've all heard the example of the half filled or half empty glass. The traditional pessimist-optimist test. But is that glass really half full or half empty, or is that a fallacy of the mind as well?

When kept with 6 empty glasses, a glass with even an ounce of water is "full".

When kept with 6 filled ones, it's still less, even if it is nearly filled.

The mind thinks relative. But more importantly, the mind thinks only, based on how we try to see things. If we try looking at that same example, after reading this, you will try to refrain from saying that the glass is half-filled in the first example.

The fallacies of the mind are endless. The mind is wonderful indeed, it is as good at deception as it is at getting jobs done. And it is a little mind in a little corner of the world, who's pointed this out to all the other minds in the world. Because, sometimes, just knowing makes a difference.