The Knowledge Games

People are trained here. Everyday. For years. Since their childhood, they're shown their goal. "That's where you have to be.", all the teachers say. They train them day and night, like military soldiers preparing for war.

The parents support the cause of the teachers and the society. The society defines all of it. It's funny why that is so, because the society is generally the medium of most miscommunication and bad blood. But that's the way it is.

There is no "other" place. The goal is all there is. And prepare for it is all they have to do. Don't do that, and you live in poverty and shame, in disgrace, again from the society.

The society does many things to everyone. Not all good, I daresay, but a lot of things, bad and good alike.

"The sine inverse function is nothing but an angle, in fact the smallest angle that has a given value as its sine." The teachers spoke to the children in one monotonous voice, explaining different types of things in their class, and the children noting it down and looking around to see if they're the only ones struggling to keep up. The ones who didn't know anything about what is taught inside the classroom looked dreamily at the teacher and wrote down the notes as if it was some gibberish that they were told to write. The ones who did understand, however, weren't much happier. There's always more to learn, all of them were taught. You can never be perfect, they were told. There's always a mistake you've made. What you do is not always the right way. Different is wrong. Different is a problem. They were taught that if you choose different, you won't get credit for what you do, even if you do it right. Do it as the teacher does, or don't do it at all.

Injured warriors fight this war for perfection, and those who survive are successful, and those who don't, outlawed. Fools. They don't matter anymore. They might as well not exist and nothing would change due to their non existence.

It's funny how most great minds of the world were ridiculed by the society at one point of their lives. They were told that they were not only different, their ideas were preposterous. They could be nothing in their lives other than useless, poor thinkers. The society rubbed on the faces the fact that they were conceptually flawed, and crazy, even. Believe me, half of the greatest thinkers of this world currently live in mental asylums.

The man who proposed the idea of hand washing was sent to a mental asylum. The man who proposed the theory of relativity later in his life, was called hopeless in his school days. The man who freed a country with non violent ethics and a system of respect and equality was thrown out of a train and was kept in jail for more than half his life. The man who ended the spell of apartheid in the country with the strongest constitution of the world was kept in jail for 30 long years because he chose to be different. It is said that the man who made fire was isolated from his clan because everyone thought he was crazy for rubbing sticks together.

Everyone who did something that the world can't live without now, was ridiculed by the people of the educated society, the normal crowd.

If thinking about innovation was not important, then we'd still be living in caves, rubbing sticks together wondering why you see a spark once in a while.

People are still trained here. They will continue to be trained. Someday another lunatic will come along and change how we see life. Till then, keep working. Keep walking with the crowd.

For when was life a walk in the park?